“For me, It’s not about bragging rights or trends. I teach functional fitness and establish basics in order to progress overtime.”

Our Methods Include:

Functional Fitness

Let’s move our bodies in ways they were meant to move; preventing injury, building core strength for everyday support, establishing synergy throughout the body.


Proper form is everything. We’ll learn how to perform proper squats, lunges, deadlifts, core moves and more to ensure we’re targeting the right muscles without strain.

Reasonable Goal Setting

Social media should never be the gauge for your unique body structure. We’ll talk about setting reasonable expectations together to create goals that can be obtained.

Mind-Body Connection

It’s important to keep your focus on your mat to think about what muscle groups were targeting in order to get the most out of every rep. Slow things down and connect.

Let’s talk

I think making a personal investment in any training program can be scary sometimes. You don’t always know what’s on the other side. Let’s get your questions answered right away. Schedule a call with me and we can talk more about what you’re looking to get done. We’ll evaluate next steps together.