Tips For Success

Advice to help you achieve success in the Online Training Studio!

Sign in 3-5 minutes ahead of start time and make sure to follow these tips to achieve success with your workout:

  • Have weights & resistance bands (if applicable), your water and a yoga mat on hand & clear out some space to move.
    • Beginners need light to medium weights (0-8 lbs for women; 5-10 lbs for men)
    • Intermediate need medium to heavy weights (5-15 lbs for women; 10-20 lbs for men)
  • Set up your device about 3-5 ft away so the coach can see at least 80% of your body:
    • If you’re using a laptop or computer, place the device on a surface no higher than 2-3 ft.
    • If you’re using a tablet, place the device on the ground or on a surface no more than 2-3 ft high.
    • If you’re using a cell phone, place the device on the floor and angle it up.
  • Make sure you have a strong wi-fi connection. All classes are hosted in Zoom, a virtual video conferencing platform, so a strong internet is essential to getting the full SerenaFit experience. Click here to test your Zoom capabilities before class.
  • Attending via mobile device or table? Download the Zoom app ahead of time to access the workout.
  • Turn your device’s volume up. Wireless headphones are recommended but not required. All attendees will be placed on mute, so feel free to play music of your choosing in the background.
  • In the event you need to change or cancel your appointment, please do so at least 3 hours of the start of class. See more about our scheduling and attendance policies here.
  • If you’re taking back to back classes, don’t forget to switch studios between classes. If you start in Studio A, then the next class will most likely be in Studio B and vice versa.

Recommended equipment

Resistance Bands

We these cloth resistance bands off Amazon. They will help boost your resistance workout!

Free Weights

This set of free weights from BalanceFrom is so amazing even Serena uses them!

Yoga Mat

This large yoga mat is great for our pilates classes. It gives you plenty of room to move!

Foam Roller

Looking to join our foam rolling classes? This one is great for any fitness level.

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