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Membership Benefits

From our Power Shakes eBook to Off Day Circuits, your Membership includes everything you need to stay SerenaFit.

What You Get

As a SerenaFit Member, you get our personal guarantee of an amazing workout experience. This includes quality audio, lighting, visuals, and workout programming. We find that these components can make or break a user’s online training experience. We go over and above to make sure that you can see your trainer, hear your trainer, and follow along in a reasonable manner so that your workout is the absolute best it can be.

Semi-Private experience

The Virtual Studio features LIVE workouts using Zoom Conferencing, meaning you can see your coach, your coach can see you, and you can see the others in the class. Classes max out at 12 people so you can get the 1-1 attention you need for an effective workout! 

Work out at Home

We find that most members who workout at-home love the convenience. If you’re a person who goes to the gym and feels lost, takes group classes and never gets the attention you want, constantly falls off track and needs more accountability then our online fitness studio is for you. Working out at home can help you build the consistency you need to get fit!

The member hub

Once you become an online studio member, you’ll have access to our member hub that is essentially your training resource center. Here you’ll find your anti-inflammatory meal plan, our Healthy Living Challenges, training resources like an Amazon essentials list, quick access to the online studios + other downloads to help you live your healthiest life!

what to expect

Your coaches are here as guides and want you to have a wonderful experience from start to finish. We suggest pairing your online fitness membership with our nutrition plan, off-day circuits, and healthy living challenges to get the most out of your membership. Sign-in to class on time and we’ll be there waiting to lead a fun and challenging routine every week.

The Member Hub

As a SerenaFit member, you will have access to our Member Hub that houses all of your training resources. It’s filled it with everything including our anti-inflammatory meal plan with habit trackers, our Amazon essentials list, off-day circuits, Healthy Living Challenges and of course your live online group classes. With our SerenaFit Member Hub, you are sure to succeed in creating a healthier lifestyle, no matter where you are!


Nutrition Plan

With over 15 pages of pro tips, meal ideas, kitchen hacks and habit trackers; inside your portal you will find the SerenaFit Nutrition Plan that focuses on decreasing inflammation. This can be printed off + bound to read anytime.

Healthy Living Challenges

Sometimes we just need a reset or a new goal to work towards! These new HLC’s are perfect for event-prep, vacation-prep or post holiday. Try the Classic SerenaFit Reset, The No Sugar or the 30-day Strong Arms Challenge.

Perks + Discounts

As we grow + connect with new companies, members + clients will get exclusive discounts to fitness products and wellness services. We hope you’ll find these perks useful and enjoy them as part of your fitness journey.

Quick Links for quick access

In your portal you will find tips for a successful training experience, my Amazon equipment list plus links to my favorite fitness things, more information about our live classes, and the SerenaFit cancellation policy.

Off-Day Circuits

Let’s take the guesswork out of your off-days. When we’re not working out together online or in-person, use this list of off-day circuit workouts, categorized by fitness level. Watch yourself start to love working out!

On-Demand Workout Library

Our Live Studio classes are for members only but by being a client of SerenaFit you get access to recorded classes as another off-day workout option. We know you’ll love them + hope to see you in a live session sometime smile

Community Transformations


What equipment do I need to participate in online classes?

We suggest having 3-15lb free weights available and resistance bands. This will depend on your fitness level. If you’re traveling, no worries! We will suggest alternative exercises for you. A safe open space + your bodyweight will work just fine. 

Is there an enrollment fee for the online fitness memberships?

No sign-up fees whatsoever!

What if I want to cancel my Fitness membership?

We hope you stick with us, but if you need to cancel for any reason you can do that at anytime in your account portal or email us

Can a friend join me in one of the online classes?

Friends are always welcome, first time free. If they want to continue training we’re happy to set them up with a membership so they can have access to their own account and use our training resources!



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