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Client Testimonials

''It’s one thing to wax poetic about the importance of health, community, and bettering those around you. It’s quite another thing to live it and create a platform around that sentiment. Serena Scanzillo is a legitimate game-changer in the fitness realm. Her premise is simple; be the best version of yourself, all while having fun. Trust us, she’s the one to get you there.''


''I’ve done all types of training from team sports to individual workouts, small group to personal training. Working with Serena has been, by far, the most efficient, enjoyable, and successful fitness program I’ve ever experienced. From day one, Serena catered to my unique needs and worked within the constraints of my busy schedule. Bottom line, I’ve lost 15 pounds in three months and feel more flexible and fit than ever before because of Serena and her innovative fitness and nutritional program.''

Adam S., Philadelphia, PA

"I could write a novel on how amazing this woman is. I started my journey with Serena back in May 2020 after I really had some time to reflect and finally realize it was time to get back into shape after having two children. She is not only an amazing trainer, but also super knowledgable on nutrition. I have a lot of limitations and she's always giving me great suggestions. She's super real and wants nothing more than to see her clients succeed. I truly don't know what I would have done without her during this crazy time we're all in. She keeps me sane, and for that I am grateful."

Heather H., Philadelphia PA


Improve your mental health to cultivate a positive relationship with yourself


Learn about functional movements and challenge yourself, without overworking


Determine the macro and micro nutrient levels that will build good habits overtime


build routines. Stay accountable.

Numbers on a scale isn’t the only way to see results. Just as important is a sense of progress from commitment and consistency. That’s my priority as your support team and trainer: helping you establish long-term habits and routines for better health.

Create structure in your everyday routine with a personalized wellness plan that fits with your busy schedule.

We donate 2% of all profits to the NAMI charity every quarter.
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Serenafit clients get access to


Expert Guidance to Improve Everyday Performance


Daily accountability to stay on track


Customized and flexible programming


Tools and resources to establish healthy habits

Connected Fitness

SerenaFit clients get access to the latest wellness technology along with an exclusive digital community.

SerenaFit App

  • Review, perform and track workout routines
  • Daily to-dos for health habits
  • Direct messaging with your trainer
  • Integrates with popular food and biometric tracking apps

Curated Content

  • Wellness product reviews and recommendations
  • Scientific topics related to health and longevity
  • Community message board to connect outside of workouts
  • Daily motivation from Serena in each program