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Online Fitness Memberships

We have memberships for every level of commitment starting at $59/month

4 Ways to Join Us

 Just visiting? Grab a drop-in pass. Sticking around? Bundle and save with a variety of membership options below.

“Pay what you can” Memberships

Does COVID-19 have you furloughed or out of work? We recognize the hardship you may be experiencing and want to help. Join us in the Studio for the months of May and June using a “Pay What You Can” Membership. Access all of our wonderful live classes and our new Member Hub to stay fit, healthy, happy, and optimistic with the support of the SerenaFit Community. If you’re a Health Hero, your membership is free.


What equipment do I need to participate in online classes?

We suggest having 3-15lb free weights available and resistance bands. This will depend on your fitness level. If you’re traveling, no worries! We will suggest alternative exercises for you. A safe open space + your bodyweight will work just fine. 

Is there an enrollment fee for the online fitness memberships?

No sign-up fees whatsoever!

What do I get with a SerenaFit Membership?

With a membership, you get access to our member hub and online classes. Our member hub houses all of our SerenaFit resources, including our SerenaFit Nutrition Plan which has our favorite healthy recipes! Read here for more information about what is included.

What if I want to cancel my Fitness membership?

We hope you stick with us, but if you need to cancel for any reason you can do that at anytime in your account portal or email us

Can a friend join me in one of the online classes?

Friends are always welcome, first time free. If they want to continue training we’re happy to set them up with a membership so they can have access to their own account and use our training resources!


How do I login to a Live Group class?

To join a live group class, just log in to your member hub and click the link to login to your respective studio for your class! We use Zoom Conferencing Software to hold our live classes, so you will need to download it as well. Be sure to sign in 5 minutes before your class!