Outdoor Training

Switch things up! Join our group classes at Julian Abele park. Skip the gym. Let’s work on your conditioning!


We meet at Julian Abele Park in Graduate Hospital up to two times each week. The park is perfect for circuit training!

The workout

Condition your entire body in our Total Body classes that focus on function, interval training, core + balance.

Meet your neighbors

Philly is such a great place. Come out and meet a new friend! We have a constant stream of new faces each week.

what to bring

Be sure to bring a yoga mat, a lot of water, a towel, wear good sneakers and expect to have fun! No weights will be used.


per class

Schedule your first workout!

Use the calendar below to select class dates in advance at only $10 per person! For anybody who comes to the park without pre-registering, the price will be $15 per person accepted via Venmo. All classes are weather permitting. If a class is cancelled because of weather, you can use your online registration towards the next class!

Meet Your Trainer

Lead Trainer, Founder | NESTA Certified Trainer + Fitness Coach

There’s no better time than right now to play a bigger game. When I first started coaching in 2008, I didn’t know the impact I could have on people’s lives. I quickly learned the power of self-development through dicipline; fitness was at the core. Having worked with hundreds of people, helping them transform their mindsets, routines + bodies, I’m hopeful that we can connect in a way that takes you from the bottom to the top.

The journey with my company SerenaFit has gone from basic bootcamp classes, to a high-quality, live, two-way training experience matched with an undenable skill set my coaching team brings to our online platform. I aim to always put the client first, listen + deliver a program that provides relevance + meaning to their fitness goals.

Here’s to putting your health first and commiting to something you can thank yourself for ten years from now! See you soon.


Outdoor Class Schedule

Please bring a yoga mat and wear good sneakers.

Have plenty of water on hand and wear sunscreen on those warmer days. I can’t wait to get back out there with everybody this Summer!

What People are Saying

I highly recommend SerenaFit’s outdoor classes.  It is a nice change of pace to take a class outside plus you get face-time with Serena.  She makes sure you are using the right form, breaking a sweat and burning calories.  You will definitely be glad you went!
Allison B.

Philadelphia, PA


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