Online Personal Training

Take your personal training anywhere your schedule takes you!

Schedule flexibility

Because there isn’t any travel required, scheduling is very flexible. Online training is great for the person who’s lifestyle is a bit chaotic!

On the go

Take these 1-1- online sessions anywhere. Lots of clients sign-in from their hotel rooms while on travel. A great option for the busy parent too.

Quick + Convenient

No time but still want to focus on your fitness? Online sessions are the answer. Let’s get the workout in so you can get on with your day, feeling strong.

accountability + focus

Need a new challenge in your fitness routine? Do you need somebody to hold you to your workout? Online training can help make this happen.

Online Personal Training

Online personal training is one of our most popular services because of it’s convenience and flexibility! Swap out your online shopping routine with an effective workout with a SerenaFit trainer! Sign-in from your hotel room, living room or personal gym. The options are endless.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is the most popular goal request I hear from clients. While it’s definitely something to consider, let’s focus on building strong, healthy habits that support our weight loss efforts. If you’re commited and ready for change then I am too! Together we can get a lot done. 

Strength Training

Strength training should be a part of everybody’s workout routine. It’s essential for a strong, healthy body. Most clients aren’t sure on how to lift weights properly or how to use them in a way that’s beneficial. This is something we will learn and improve during our sessions. 


Circuit training is one of the best ways to challenge your cardiovascular system and improve heart health. By using our timed intervals, we work through short rest periods that challenge our cardio. This helps to burn fat + work the heart like the muscle it is! It’s time to ditch the elliptical. 

The Member Hub

As a client of SerenaFit you will have access to our Member Hub that houses all of your training resources. I’ve filled it with everything from my anti-inflammatory meal plan with habit trackers to my Amazon essentials list, to off-day circuits, Healthy Living Challenges and discounts for online classes. This is a brand new feature! I’m so happy to be able to provide you with all of these training resources as you start your fitness journey.


Nutrition Plan

With over 15 pages of pro tips, meal ideas, kitchen hacks and habit trackers; inside your portal you will find the SerenaFit Nutrition Plan that focuses on decreasing inflammation. This can be printed off + bound to read anytime.

Healthy Living Challenges

Sometimes we just need a reset or a new goal to work towards! These new HLC’s are perfect for event-prep, vacation-prep or post holiday. Try the Classic SerenaFit Reset, The No Sugar or the 30-day Strong Arms Challenge.

Perks + Discounts

As we grow + connect with new companies, members + clients will get exclusive discounts to fitness products and wellness services. We hope you’ll find these perks useful and enjoy them as part of your fitness journey.

Quick Links

In your portal you will find tips for a successful training experience, my Amazon equipment list plus links to my favorite fitness things, more information about our live classes, and the SerenaFit cancellation policy.

Off-Day Circuits

Let’s take the guesswork out of your off-days. When we’re not working out together online or in-person, use this list of off-day circuit workouts, categorized by fitness level. Watch yourself start to love working out!

On-Demand Workout Library

Our Live Studio classes are for members only but by being a client of SerenaFit you get access to recorded classes as another off-day workout option. We know you’ll love them + hope to see you in a live session sometime smile

What People are Saying

“For me it’s about three things: 1) Accountability. I have 100 things going on. Between the kids and work, I have found that when someone is coaching me live, I won’t stop the workout early. If I go to the gym and say I’ll do 30 mins, I might only do 20 because something interferes. With online workouts I get the benefit of a personal trainer to not only finish it but to do it right. 2) My mornings kick ass now. When the workout is done early I feel so energized. I’ll knock out emails, clean, or refresh before my kids wake up. I feel more accomplished going into the day. 3) Workouts in real-time are extremely convenient.”

Sergei D., Washington, DC


How long are online personal training sessions?

Online sessions are 30 minutes.

What technology is required to sign-in?

We use Zoom video conferencing for all of our online workouts. Zoom is free to use and can be accessed from your laptop. The Zoom app can also be downloaded on your cell phone. Use your laptop, tablet or cell to sign-in wherever wi-fi is acessible. Wireless headphones are optional. 

What equipment do I need?

We suggest having a resistance band and one set of free weights to start. As you begin to build your at-home gym, use the Amazon list located in your member hub to purchase new things that can bring variety to your workouts.

What can I expect at my first session?

I suggest you sign up for at least 3 online sessions to get into the flow of working out with an online trainer. We’re sure to run through basics at our first session so your trainer can understand your fitness level and so you can get comfortable with their cues. It’s fun, convenient and I know you’ll enjoy it!


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