Online Group Classes

Experience semi-private group training on an innovative platform. Hosted by Moxie, attend daily sessions designed to build strength, flexibility, and enhance mindfulness.

The Classes

We developed all of our classes to address total body wellness in an efficient and effective way. We hear all the time that time is tight, trying to find work like balance doesn’t really exist and that sharing gym equipment isn’t always the safest option. So we created 30-minute sessions that get you in and out, all while getting real-time feedback from our coaches just like you were in a gym.

Taught by our team of coaches who can see you in real-time and help correct, guide and motivate you through your workout; our classes each offer a different focus so you can sign-up for the ones you really need. We aim to switch up our weekly circuits to keep variety in the forefront so expect to be challenged in a number of ways, every week!

“SerenaFit is the online fitness studio of the future. Serena’s team of coaches don’t believe in the old school thought that you need to work with a trainer in a gym every day to attain your goal-fitness, and have come together to create a new solution that caters to your skill level and schedule. With SerenaFit’s online classes, you can love the experience of real-time classes & the comfort of your own home. They’re partnering with existing communities such as corporate wellness groups, so don’t be surprised if you hear more about them in your next department meeting.”

Paradigm on

What to Expect

This isn’t the type of membership you never use. This is one we hope you become excited about using because it has the power to change your life in so many positive ways.

As a SerenaFit class membership holder, you get our personal guarantee of an amazing workout experience. This includes quality audio, lighting, visuals, and workout programming. We find that these components can make or break a user’s online training experience. We go over and above to make sure that you can see your trainer, hear your trainer, and follow along in a reasonable manner so that your workout is the absolute best it can be.

Your coaches are here as guides and want you to have a wonderful experience from start to finish. We suggest pairing your class membership with our consulting plan, which focuses on the other parts of your wellness puzzle: nutrition and mindfulness. Sign-in to class on time and we’ll be there waiting to lead a fun and challenging routine every week.

“Though I don’t always want to wake up early to workout, I always feel better prepared for my day having fit in my exercise. Since making The Studio workouts part of my daily, weekday routine, I feel so much more awake and energized by the time I get to work. I’ve been able to improve my fitness but I swear my productivity at work has also improved as well!”

Kaitlin M., Philadelphia PA

“I work out in the morning because if I don’t, I’m unlikely to work out. I will schedule a run but something always seems to get in the way; I get stuck at work or a (more fun) event pops up. By working out in the morning, not much is going to get in the way. It is a great way to start the day because it sets you up feeling productive and with a healthy mindset!”

Allison B., Philadelphia, PA

Meet your trainers

With over 35 years of cumulative experience, our trainers ready to share our training expertise with you no matter where you are!


Serena is a NESTA certified Fitness Nutrition Coach as well as a Biomechanics Specialist with over 12 years in the wellness industry. She has extensive knowledge in functional training, low impact, HIIT, pre post natal, bariatrics as well as program development and planning. She loves helping people feel better through fitness and thrives off of her clients energy.

Serena’s classes will be taught in a circuit format, allowing participants to maximize their workout efforts in a short period of time. Expect to be challenged in a variety of ways and watch yourself progress. Join Serena’s classes and experience a relevant workout with expert guidance. She’s also a taco lover who enjoys hanging with her cats, taking nature walks, and rewatching Stranger Things!


Ella has a BFA in Dance from the University of the Arts, over 300 hours of Vinyasa Yoga training and most recently completed the 450 hour Drexel Pilates Training Program. Ella is a passionate yoga and Pilates practitioner and instructor. She loves helping others discover their own unique sustainable movement practice they can practice anytime, anywhere.

Ella’s class is grounded in alignment, linked by breath, and layered with mindfulness techniques and self-inquiry. Inspired by her background in dance, her teaching style is fluid and challenging. She’s also a tea enthusiast, nature lover and devoted sister who loves to go out dancing and eat late night tacos!


Originally from Scotland, Leoni is an internationally trained Level 3 mat Pilates coach and personal trainer, specializing in functional training. With a special interest coaching woman new to fitness, she loves helping her clients achieve their individual goals through creative and diverse movements – where no two workouts are the same.

A fusion of HIIT, mobility and mat Pilates, Leoni’s routines combine elements of various training styles designed to elevate the heart rate, challenge the muscles and bring focus to the core – the powerhouse of the body.

Leoni is an animal lover with a zest for vegan dining.

Start Your Journey

Get the most out of your workouts by pairing your online class membership with one of our customized nutrition or fitness programs. Receive a 30-day wellness plan as well as weekly calls to round out your SerenaFit wellness experience.

Customized Fitness Plans


3 month commitment required

  • A 30-minute intro consultation to review your fitness
  • 30 day custom fitness plan fit to reach your goals
  • Custom routines, mindfulness practice
  • Daily goals and habit tracking to enhance your routines
  • In-app messaging and app features
  • Ongoing support from Serena to get help when needed

Unlimited sessions/month


  • Unlimited classes, 15+/week
  • 1-1 attention throughout class
  • Music during each workout
  • On-demand replays of all classes attended
  • Warm-Up and Cool-Down Rooms to connect with trainers
  • Access to SerenaFit resources
  • Bi-weekly Coaches Corner newsletter
  • Workshops, feature workouts

Customized Nutrition Programs


3 month commitment required

  • A 30 minute intro consultation to review your lifestyle
  • 30 day custom wellness plan fit to reach your goals
  • Custom macros and data analysis
  • Daily goals and habit tracking to enhance your routines
  • My Fitness Pal integration for eating food tracking
  • In-app messaging and app features
  • Ongoing support from Serena to get help when needed