Pantry essentials you need to have

By SerenaFit in Fitness

I keep a lot of the same things in my pantry on a weekly basis. I save most of my food experiences for nights out with family or friends so my pantry is filled with healthy staples that keep me eating well throughout the week. 

Gardein products like Beefless Ground
Black beans
Plant based protein powder like Garden of Life, Orgain or RAW
Beyond Meat or plant-based burgers by 365

Gluten free oats
Jasmine rice
Sweet potatoes

Almond mix
Brazil nuts
Chia + flax seeds
Grass fed butter
Nut butter
Oil based dressing, EVOO, coconut oil

Pretty much every veggie you think of 🙂
Riced cauliflower

Few bananas
Frozen berries

Veggie based soups (dairy free)
Unsweetened almond milk
Green juice
Apple cider vinegar

I keep my palette pretty basic and that’s on purpose. I eat pizza, a brownie or have a few drinks maybe 2x a month or honestly whenever my body craves it. I don’t keep sugar around for a variety of health reasons so when I do have it, it really is a treat. I follow the SerenaFit Nutrition Plan pretty much every week! 

I find that by keeping my pantry simple, things end up being straight forward. I don’t need half of the grocery store in my apartment in order to feel fulfilled. Using spices, my air fryer or saute methods create different flavors and food textures that keep things plenty interesting

What staples do you keep in your pantry? Post them in the comments section below.

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