How Eating Right + Working Out Can Boost your Immunity

By SerenaFit in Fitness

Hi there! Taking care of our bodies by eating right + exercising every day is essential in staying healthy right now. Showing our selves some love with plant-based meals + daily workouts can not only make us feel energized but can stave off illness!

About a year ago I started looking at food as medicine, vs. food as a filler. I began following integrative nutritionists like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Stephen Cabral + other plant-based nutritionists on Instagram. I began limiting gluten, grains, dairy, and sugars which seemingly had positive effects on my mental clarity + skin quality. I took things a step further and began dabbling in meatless Mondays, stocked my pantry with adrenal supplements like ashwagandha, holy basil + super green powders. I honestly felt amazing. I had more energy, less bloating, and deeper nights sleep. The more I paid attention to what types of foods were benefiting my body the better I felt!

I know there is a lot to take in right now. Having to juggle the kids’ lives and ours can leave us feeling tired, irritable, or even hopeless. If you’re an essential worker, a parent trying to teach their kids new topics or a person who just feels exhausted, you’re doing GREAT. We will get through this. If you are feeling like you want to take a little extra action today, let’s start with boosting our immune systems + planning out ways to move more!

Boosting our immune system is a vital part of creating a healthy life. Adopting new foods into your daily routine year-round can have outstanding results like the ability to fend off illness or get over illness much quicker. I haven’t gotten sick in years and if I do, it’s a common cold that clears up within days. I’m grateful for my body to be able to do this and wanted to share ways you can boost yours too by eating better + exercising this week!

Vitamin D: Most of us are lacking proper amounts of vitamin d. The RDA is 600 ius. Consume foods like eggs, tuna + salmon, and be sure to catch some rays!

Elderberry: A few human trials suggest that elderberry can help lessen the intensity of colds with its anti-viral properties and antioxidants. It’s loaded with polyphenols which are thought to stimulate the immune system.

Protein + Zinc: Protein provides your muscles with the support they need to grow + recover. Proteins include meats, fish, beans, veggies + dairy products. Meat is loaded with zinc, which feins off bacteria and viruses. Essential combo! Consume an average of 90g protein/day and about 9mg of zinc/day.

Ginger + Turmeric: Sprinkle ginger in your lemon water, on your yogurt, or in your smoothie to get its immune-boosting benefits. It contains magnesium, iron + calcium, and is an antioxidant too! Similar to ginger, turmeric has an immunomodulating capacity that will positively support and boost your immune system.

Plants!: Don’t forget that eating a plant-based diet can supply you with all the nutrients you’ll ever need. Start eating more citrus fruits, red bell peppers, spinach, broccoli, garlic + almonds! The SerenaFit Nutrition Plan helps kickstart your meal planning 🙂

Combining healthy meals with daily movement is a winning combination!

Join me and my team on Instagram LIVE and Facebook LIVE! Meeting new people post-workout has been super fun and is reassuring that we’re all supporting one another. I love seeing your comments and reposts too. Follow and join me @serenafitstudios and hashtag #serenafit. You got this.

Make it a family or group thing. Schedule 1-2 group walks each day. They can act as a “recess” or as a little detox walk, spending time away from your phones and computers. Make it fun by walking backward, side to side, or have mini races along the way!

Find your flow. We run yoga classes 3x each week in the online studio because we know how essentials they are for folks looking to ground themselves. Recenter + rejuvenate yourselves for at least 10 minutes every day.

Stretch. We’re sitting a lot more which can be bad news bears for your back, joints, and mental clarity. Stand during your Zoom calls, and take a few minutes every hour to stretch. My favorites are forward folds, pigeon + shoulder bridge! Try our Foam Rolling and Core classes to strengthen your midsection every week.

Hopefully, these ideas sparked a little something today and inspired you to fuel your body with plants + schedule in non-negotiable self-care time to exercise and walk! When you take care of yourself, your immune system becomes a wall of defense, protecting you from harmful bacterias + diseases. We need this now more than ever! Stay connected + stay safe. The SerenaFIt community is here to lift you up now and always. See you online!

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