Let’s be sure you’ve gotten all your questions answered! Review our FAQs below.

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How do I sign in to online classes?

Once you purchase a drop-in pass or membership, you’ll recieve an email explaning everything! It’s as simple as logging in and clicking 🙂

What equipment do I need for online classes?

We suggest getting a pair of free weights that match your fitness level, a yoga mat + resistance bands. You can use our Amazon Lifestyle Kit once you’ve become a member, to build your at-home gym!

Can a friend or spouse join my online session?

Sure! Friends are free for the first time. If they want to continue, direct them to our membership page to grab a drop-pass or start their own membership. 

Do I have to keep my video on during online classes?

No you don’t but we’d love for you to leave it on! This way your coach can guide, direct and encourage you throughout the session. However, this is entirely up to you. 

I'm interested in online personal training!

Great! These sessions are 30 minutes and are private. You can request to work with one of our coaches and from there, you’ll set up your custom schedule to begin training asap. 

I'm interested in in-home personal training!

Great! I’d love to work with you. Head over to my Personal Training page and follow the prompts to get in touch. Hopefully we can match up, as I have limited availability on these 45-minute sessions. 

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course! You can cancel anytime. No fees attached 🙂

When are online classes offered?

The bulk of our classes are offered in the morning, before work, but you will find mid-day, evening and weekend class options on the schedule. 

What technology do I need to sign-in?

For our live online classes and for online personal training, you’ll need to have a strong wi-fi connection. Clients + members use laptops, desktops, tablets + cell phones to sign-in. All online sessions are hosted through Zoom video conferencing. 

How long are online classes?

All online sessions are 30 minutes. 

What should I do if I can't connect for some reason?

No worries. If you’re having any technical difficulities right before or during an online session, just sign-0ff and cue up an on demand workout. Email us after you workout so we can help you solve the problem. We’re always here for you!

What if it rains during an outdoor class?

All outdoor classes are weather permitting. If it’s safe, we’ll work through the rain. But if it looks stormy prior to the start, I’ll get in touch with people who pre-registered to cancel the session. All pre-registered clients can use their pass for the next class.