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Become a member and get access to live trainer-led workouts you can attend anywhere you have wi-fi.

Muscle Groups

Select from classes like Upper Body or Lower Body to target different muscle groups. Expect to use bodyweight, free weights + bands.

Total Body

Condition your entire body in our Total Body classes that focus on function, interval training, core + balance.

Yoga & Recovery

Pair your strength training with Power Yoga, Vinyasa + Free Form. Show your body some love with these recovery classes.


Switch things up with our Boxing sessions that don’t require mitts. Expect to challenge your core + improve your conditioning.

About Our Online Classes

We developed all of our classes to address total body wellness in an efficient and effective way. We hear all the time that time is tight, trying to find work like balance doesn’t really exist and that sharing gym equipment isn’t always the safest option. So we created 30-minute sessions that get you in and out, all while getting real-time feedback from our coaches just like you were in a gym.

Taught by our team of coaches who can see you in real-time and help correct, guide and motivate you through your workout; classes in the SerenaFit Online Training Studio each offer a different focus so you can sign-up for the ones you really need. We aim to switch up our weekly circuits to keep variety in the forefront so expect to be challenged in a number of ways, every week!

Why train in the morning?


Most of our classes are offered in the morning and that’s because we know that if you commit to working out before the day begins you’re more likely to actually do it. We like commitment + follow through at SerenaFit because when you switch into a growth-mindset, your world starts to change.

How many times have you scheduled a workout after work only to cancel it a few hours before? Maybe you’re good at talking yourself out of things if you feel tired, stressed or lost on how to approach it. But that’s why we’re here. We keep things tight, focused + efficient for our members and want to actually SEE you in our sessions. This isn’t the type of membership you never use. This is one that you are excited about using because it has the power to change your life in so many positive ways. 

We are confident that you can get up early and that you can become a morning person. Your coaches will be there to hold you accountable and before you know it, you’ll be getting up before your alarm goes off! 

July Classes

We offer classes that fit every lifestyle. Check out what we are offering this month and get started.

Muscle Groups

Training based on muscle group can help define + strengthen your muscles effectively. Choose from our Upper Body, Lower Body and Core classes to work through some of our favorite moves like Lateral Raises, Walking Lunges, Pike-ups and Plank Twists. Try them all to find your favorite!

Recommended Spotify playlist: I love 90s Hop Hop


With classes like Free Form, Power Yoga + Vinyasa your body can unwind. These classes are perfect to pair with your busy schedules; recenter and refocus. Expect to stretch, focus on postures and work through tight spots to improve flexibility over time. We know you’ll love these classes.

Recommended Spotify playlist: Fresh + Chill

Total Body

Start your day with a total body workout that will leave you feeling strong + accomplished. Expect functional movements using bodyweight, free weights and resistance bands. Exercises like Thrusters, Inchworm to push-up and V-sit to bicep curls are a few examples of what to expect. 

Recommended Spotify playlist: Pumped Pop

Start your Training with one of our muscle group classes!


Tuesdays at 7:00am
Thursdays at 6:30am

Sculpting your core is essential for everyone. Take time each week to build your powerhouse in a variety of ways; think pike-ups, planks, frog crunches, chair crunches, high plank variations + Supermans. This is one of our most popular classes – don’t miss it!

Upper Body

Tuesdays at 6:30am
Friday at 6:30am

Build strength every week using moves like lateral raises, rows, presses + push-ups. We’ll target your entire upper body; tris, bis, chest, back, lats, delts + shoulders. We suggest pairing this workout with ab work, cardio or stretching. You got this 🙂

Lower Body

Mondays at 7:30am
Wednesdays at 6:30am

Creating a strong lower body is on everyone’s list. Take advantage of our classes that use variety through weights, bodyweight + resistance bands to strengthen your legs, glutes, quads + hamstrings. We’ll switch things up every class so keep coming back.

Start your Training in one of our Restorative classes

Free Form

Tuesdays at 7:30am
Thursdays at 12:00pm

This class is totally underrated. Low key this is our best class. We’ll combine core work (think Pilates) with stretching, breathing + end with a body scan/meditation. It’s a well-rounded class that will leave you feeling very grounded + open. It’s like a big breathe of fresh air.


Wednesdays at 8pm
 (candlelight flow!) 

 Recently added, this evening session is perfect to bridge yourself into the second half of your week. Ella makes each session slightly different so you’ll be sure to leave feeling centered in new ways, every week!

Power Yoga

Fridays at 7:30am

Saba’s yoga classes incorporate a balance of strengthening flow followed by restorative poses that help you gently open those tight areas of your body. This makes you less prone to injury and helps enhance your endurance, regardless of your workout regime. Grab your mat, come with a present mind, and leave feeling rejuvenated! Namaste, yogis!

Foam Rolling

Tuesdays at 12:30pm
Fridays at 11:45am

An essential class for everyone, our foam rolling class offers the opportunity to roll out tight spots and address imbalances in the body. You’ll need a medium-large sized roller to participate and an open space. The release you’ll get from this class will be very helpful!


Wednesdays at 7:00am

A mid-week must have! Using a towel, thera-band or stretching band, we’ll run through full body stretches to lengthen and pull through tight spots. This is a chance to learn how to stretch with intention, allowing your body to relax and release. 

Start your Training with one of our Total Body classes

Total Body [weights]

Tuesdays + Wednesdays at 1:00pm
Thursdays at 12:30pm || Friday at 12:15pm

We definitely have fun during thess workouts. Because they’re offered so often, the goal is keep variety alive! We will using our interval timer, free weights, full body movements + cardio intervals to make these classes a one-stop shop. Make time mid-day to get up and move with us!


Mondays at 6:30am
Fridays at 7:00am

A crowd favorite, boxing takes your strength and cardio training into the fun zone 🙂 We’ll punch it out with fun combinations, learn some new stuff, hit the floor for cardio, abs + strength work and have a great time doing it! No mitts required. Most members use free weights to challenge their upper body. Join us!

Total Body [bands]

Mondays at 12:00pm
Thursdays at 7:00am

Let’s give the weights a break and work with our resistance loops. Working with loops is an amazing way to train your muscles for control. We have to control that band in all planes of motion! This will fire deep into your muscles, building strength + creating lots of definition. Expect to work youre entire body.



Grab your free pass today and experience the convenience, the quality + fun of working with SerenaFit online. We know you’ll love it.

Community Transformations

What People are Saying

“Though I don’t always want to wake up early to workout, I always feel  better prepared for my day having fit in my exercise. Since making The Studio workouts part of my daily, weekday routine, I feel so much more awake and energized by the time I get to work. I’ve been able to improve my over fitness but I swear my productivity at work has also improved as well!”

Kaitlin M., Philadelphia PA

“I’ve worked out for 15 plus years all different times of the day, and I have found that NOTHING beats a morning workout! Doing something for yourself first thing in the morning sets the tone for the day, and helps you to be more energized, motivated, and focused all day long! I LOVE filling that bucket for myself so that I can give everything else that comes my way 100%!”

Julia C., Philadelphia, PA

“I workout in the morning because if I don’t, I’m unlikely to workout. I will schedule a run but something always seems to get in the way; I get stuck at work or a (more fun) event pops up. By working out in the morning, not much is going to get in the way. It is a great way to start the day because it sets you up feeling productive and with healthy mindset!

Allison B., Philadelphia, PA


What equipment do I need to participate in online classes?

We suggest having 3lb up to 15lb free weights available and some resistance bands. This will depend on your fitness level. No equipment, no problem! We will suggest alternative exercises for you. Other than that, a safe open space + bodyweight will do the trick!

How do I sign-in to classes?

Using your Member Hub, you will navigate your way to Studio A or Studio B depending on where your class is. These Studios are hosted by Zoom video conferencing which is free for SerenaFit members to use.

Once you sign up you will get all the information you need to make your training experience great! You can also review our Tips For Success Page. 

When are classes offered?

Use the calendar above to search for your favorite classes. We mainly offer sessions in the morning for accountability purposes but you will see numerous classes offered every week!

Do I have to keep my video on during class?

To ensure you have proper form and an interactive training experience we encourage you to keep your video on. If you don’t want the two-way experience you can absolutely turn it off and watch your trainer to follow along on your own. Whatever makes your training experience better is what we want for you! 



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