High Performance Lifestyle Training

Enrich your life through a personalized fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness program

Bespoke Digitized Training Plans

Upgrade your online training experience with a customized program that uses cutting-edge smart tools. Your training calendar houses all of your daily wellness to-dos, keeping you organized and connected. Review your macros, cross off daily habits and start workouts right in the app, complete with a timer.

High-performance lifestyle training

The average workout program focuses on weight loss, intensity, and strict meal plans. Here at SerenaFit, we believe solidifying a sound wellness routine requires much more. High-performance lifestyle training prepares you to live a high vibrational life; a life that celebrates your body, nourishes the soul, heals mental challenges, and strengthens your foundation. You can’t have just one of these things to succeed. Expect the outcome from your SerenaFit online training experience to be one that recalibrates your mindset and enriches your life for the better.

Increased accountability + support:

With in-app messaging, you’ll get your training and lifestyle questions answered faster than ever. Traveling? We can adjust your plan accordingly. Last minute work obligation? You can add your own workout to stay on track. Start mapping out your day and build healthy habits that support your unique lifestyle. It’s like having your own health advocate in your back pocket!

Lifestyle Training for a Cause

With every purchase of a SerenaFit luxury personal training package, we’ll donate 2% to NAMI each quarter. NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. NAMI provides advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives.