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How to Get to the Other Side

How to Get to the Other Side

How to get to the Other Side By Serena in SerenaFit Saturdays *Live Video on Bottom of Page* facebookinstagramyoutubepinterestHey guys! Serena here. Today we are going to talk about how to go from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle, or as I refer to it as...

Berry Berry Pops

Berry Berry Pops

Berry berry pops By SerenaFit facebookinstagramyoutubepinterestWith Summer creeping up, the excitment of spending time outside is building. There's nothing better than an afternoon spent with family and friends, over yummy snacks, treats and drinks.  Today we're...

4 Essentials to Have in Your At -home Gym

4 Essentials to Have in Your At -home Gym

4 Essentials for your at-home gym By SerenaFit facebookinstagramyoutubepinterestWorking out at-home is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape year round. You don’t have to leave your house to only get stuck in traffic, you can make your set-up as simple as a yoga...

What People are Saying

“BEST fitness experience I’ve ever had! More than a workout, Serena has expertly created an inspiring community of people who are there to lift you up when you need it. I hate gyms, and through the SerenaFit workout options, I can work out in my own home using an online membership or outside at one of her local classes. Definitely makes me more comfortable to work out with her team than if I were at a gym being ogled by sweaty meatheads with eyebrows more on fleek than me.”

Madeline A.

Philadelphia, PA

I’ve done all types of training from team sports to individual workouts, small group to personal training. Working with Serena has been, by far, the most efficient, enjoyable, and successful fitness program I’ve ever experienced. From day one, Serena catered to my unique needs and worked within the constraints of my busy schedule. Bottom line, I’ve lost 15 pounds in three months and feel more flexible and fit than ever before because of Serena and her innovative fitness and nutritional program.”
Adam S.

Philadelphia, PA

From time to money to feeling lost in your fitness routine, it’s easy to find yourself hitting the snooze button, skipping workouts + talking yourself out of commitments. That’s where the Online Studio comes in, creating an easy, helpful + effective way to move your body and to start becoming a morning person.

No more, “I’m too tired today,” or “I don’t know what exercises to do.” Classes in our Online Studio are energizing, last only 30 minutes, and will hold you accountable to your workout.

Just like when you attend class in person, in our Online Studio you can see your coach and others attending the class and they can see you. Using intervals with minimal time for rest, Serena and her team of certified trainers will wake your body up, guiding you through exercises that will address flexibility, total body conditioning, functional movement, and core strengthening.

The Online Studio is an in-home workout experience that encourages positive habits, increases productivity + offers sustainable programming you can stick with for months.

Training Options

Here at SerenaFit, we know that losing weight can be complicated, finding time for fitness can be hard and schedules are always changing. This is why we offer a handful of ways to get access to SerenaFit workouts no matter what’s going on in your life. Choose from a variety of options below that cater to everyone from the local Philadelphian, to the busy traveler, to the new parent. Getting in shape just got a lot easier.

Online Fitness Classes

Become a member of our online training studio and experience semi-private group workouts via two-way video conference. Choose from a variety of 30-minute circuit training classes offered everyday. Sign in from your home, hotel room, vacation spot or gym and stay SerenaFit, anywhere!

Online Personal Training

Group fitness not your thing? Match up with Serena or one of our certified personal trainers for a private online session. These 30-minute sessions are custom to you and can include anything from boxing to low impact routines, core stability to strength training.

In-Person Training & Outdoor Classes

If you’re local to Philadelphia, get in touch to learn more about in person training. Private sessions are customized and can include nutritional coaching, body fat, measurements and goal settling. Outdoor classes are seasonal + weather permitting.

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